Bellows Grant

Please contact our office for assistance to submit the 2017 Bellows Fund Application.

Here is the application link: 2017 Bellows Fund Application

The Elsie S. Bellows Fund was established in 1995 to provide assistive technology equipment to individuals with disabilities. Earnings from the principal of this fund are allocated on an annual basis by United Cerebral Palsy of West Central Wisconsin and other affiliates.


Assistive technology can play a major role in increasing the independence of individuals with disabilities. The Elsie S. Bellows Fund provides funds to UCP of West Central Wisconsin and other affiliates to purchase equipment.

Examples of eligible assistive technology might include:

  • Wheelchairs (manual and electric)
  • Augmentative communication devices (ACD)
  • Environmental controls
  • Computer equipment
  • Lifts in the applicant own or nominee’s parent’s van or home
  • Hearing aids

Examples of Ineligible assistive technology include:

  • Automobiles
  • Evaluations of other assistive technology “services”
  • Furniture and appliances (that are not adapted)

To learn more about the Bellows Fund and how to apply,  download an application or call UCP of West Central Wisconsin at 715-832-1782.

Technology can help!

There are many different types of Assistive Technology, ranging from ramps, van lifts, and scooters, to household and kitchen devices, and tools for the workplace and home office.

While there is no formal program in place currently, we are more than happy to put you in touch with local suppliers, installers, and contractors so that you can obtain the tools you need.

Helpful Products for Everyone

In this section we will provide useful information about products and services which you may find helpful.

Adapt-A-Cut…Scissors for everyone

Here is a new product which anyone with hand strength or coordination problems will find extremely useful. It’s a versatile cutting tool which can be grasped many different ways, as can be seen in the pictures.

The emphasis with this product is a design which is comfortable, adaptable, and safe, allowing the user to safely and easily accomplish cutting tasks.

Designed for Independence

Designed for Adaptability